sugar daddy

What is a Sugar Daddy

Sugar daddy is a boyfriend who brings financial and material support to a young sugar baby. Sugar daddies and sugar babies are like friends with benefits who can engage in sexual activity without fear of hurting each other’s feelings. Basically, they are successful or mature men who can pay for tuition, bills, gifts and fancy dates. For sugar daddies who aren’t interested in a serious relationship, or don’t have time for a relationship, a sugar relationship is the ideal solution.

It’s a mutually beneficial relationship between a generous man and an attractive woman. Typically, sugar daddies are over the age of 35 and of course they earn up to $20,000. Many girls own Porsches, Bulgari’s, Tiffany’s and school fees, all paid for by their sugar daddy. You should know that not all sugar daddies are very old, there are also sugar daddies who are only 30 years old and earn just as much, it’s just a function of his lifestyle.

What to look for in a sugar daddy date?

Sugar daddy dating isn’t meant to be a normal relationship, no strings attached to pampering today. It’s a dating platform for confident and safe men who can handle this kind of relationship. If you’re the type of guy or girl who has a hard time dealing with this type of situation then I suggest you stop, it’s not for you.

How do you become a sugar daddy?

If you can share your wealth and life with someone who is younger than you in every sense of the word, then you’re a sugar daddy. This form of dating isn’t just about providing you with a companionable environment, it’s a way of life. Just like a sugar daddy, you want to surround her with wealth and luxury while maintaining a successful career.

How do you find a sugar daddy?

There are no set rules for finding a sugar daddy, you just need to enter the world of sugar daddy. To help you find a sugar daddy faster, I’ve found some great sugar daddy dating sites for you to get into, and while these platforms screen their users, you also need to protect yourself and be careful about meeting a surrogate sugar daddy.

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