Definition of Sugar Daddy Terms


SD: Sugar Daddy. Sugar daddies are successful and wealthy people. They know what they want and enjoy being around attractive people. They are generous and willing to support their sugar babies financially.

SM: Sugar Momma. Sugar mama is an older woman who is looking for a relationship with a young man. They are extremely rare.

SB: Sugar Baby. Sugar Babies are attractive people. They give sugar daddies sweet companionship in exchange for financial support to seek a better life.

SR: Sugar Relationship

Cougar: aka Sugar Momma. Don’t be silly, real Sugar Mama is rare. You might as well seek out MILF.

GSD: Gay Sugar Daddy, Gay sugar daddies exist, but rare.

MILF: Mother I’d Like to Fuck

DILF: Daddy I’d Like to Fuck

NSA: No Strings Attached

AM: Ashley Madison, a dating app for have an affair.

SA: SeekingArrangement, also known as Seeking. Possibly the world largest sugar sugar dating site.

WYP: WhatsYourPrice, an adult online dating app.

420: or 420 friendly, appears in profiles. That person is tolerant or even for marijuana.

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